EPU Objectives;

  1. Unite and facilitate reconciliation between and among the people of Uganda.
  2. Achieve sustainable peace, development, a culture of dialogue, compromise, tolerance and good governance.
  3. Eliminate inequalities created by mismanagement of public affairs   by anyone.
  4. Fight poverty, ignorance, disease, and all forms of discrimination.
  5. Establish and maintain good relationships between Uganda and her neighbors, promote sub-regional and regional integration efforts
  6. Act as a platform to promote democracy, good governance, constitutionalism and rule of law.
  7. Enhance integrity, transparency, and accountability in the management of public affairs.
  8. Strengthen institutions of Government and promote the principle of separation of powers, and democracy.
  9. Pursue Constitutional, non partisan and professional management of the public service, the security organs.
  10. Encourage and support the continued existence of cultural and traditional institutions in the country.
  11. Establish a policy of zero tolerance on corruption.
  12. Engage in mutually beneficial relationships with international community.
  13. Support and promote the struggle for the rights of women, children, the aged, the disabled and all other marginalized groups.
  14. Cooperate with other organizations with similar objectives and where possible work jointly to achieve the said objectives.
  15. Ensure that women are adequately represented in all decision making structures, the party shall implement a programme of affirmative action including the provision of a quota of at least 40% in all its structures to enable such effective participation. 

The Party comprehensive concept of sustainability shall resolve on

  1. protection and restoring the integrity of the Earth's ecosystems, with special concern for biodiversity and the natural processes that sustain life
  2. acknowledging the interrelatedness of all ecological, social and economic processes
  3. balancing individual interests with the common good
  4. harmonizing freedom with responsibility
  5. welcoming diversity within unity
  6. reconciling short term objectives with long term goals ensuring that future generations have the same right as the present generation to natural and cultural benefits



Fight Poverty & Ignorance

Enhance Transparency

Harmonizing Freedom

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